How To Charge Shipping For Your Campaign

We all enjoy Free Shipping. That’s a fact.

When the “Shipping Charges” equals 0.00$. We all do. But it if was possible for everyone to do it, we would get everything we buy shipped for free. That’s not the case. Sometimes creators must charge shipping.

What’s Up With Shipping?

ONE: Integrate the Shipping Cost to the Entire Cost of Production

Add on the shipping cost after you look at all the production costs for making the actual product. That way the price of the product already includes the shipping cost.

TWO: Subsidize Part of the Shipping

You decide to take money out of your own pocket to cover a certain amount of the shipping and the buyer pays the rest. It might not be all that attractive to you as a creator, but if you budget correctly then perhaps is something you can offer, and your backers will appreciate for sure.

THREE: Make Backers Pay the Full Price of Shipping

Have backers pay the full price of the shipping. This is a common one for those who have a broad audience around the world and for whom is complicated to get an “average” of what shipping would look like to all of those places.

How to Inform the Backer of Shipping Costs

Final Thoughts

Figuring out and budgeting shipping is a headache for every creator. But it’s crucial to understand in order to be able to communicate it clearly to your backers, and for you to have your numbers in order.



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